Last week I talked about attitude, & having a positive mindset. And I want to elaborate on this part of making your dream a reality, because it’s one of the most challenging things to achieve and maintain.

First off: I am by no means always looking at the glass half full, rather than empty. And I don’t look at the world through rose colored glasses. Infact, sometimes I can be quite cynically realistic. But, I like to attribute this to the journalist in me.

Basically, what I try and do is reframe my point of view when I am thinking negatively, or spiraling down the rabbit hole of perceived doom and failure.  These little reminders help me put things back into perspective. Because unless everything you’ve ever wanted happens to fall into your lap, you’re bound to face tough times in pursuit of your dream.


Your to-do list is seemingly endless, your clients are picky, you’re the only one in the office to get something done. Or maybe you’re planning your big moving abroad and some necessary paperwork went missing in the mail, and your apartment fell through.

Whatever it is that’s bothering you, simply get over it. Things happen that you cannot change, and challenges fall into our laps daily. I’ve learned you’re not going to get something done well, or make progress, if you’re thinking about frustrated something makes you.

So toss the negativity aside by coming to terms with it. This is your challenge to tackle, not avoid. Turn the challenge into something positive, and if you can’t do that — at least figure out a solution. It’s your opportunity to show those around you, and most importantly yourself, that you can handle what’s thrown at you.

Whether you’re already working towards your dream, or you’re about to tackle it, having this mindset is key to keeping the momentum going. There are always going to be challenges, but they don’t always have to stop you from moving forward.


Now that you’ve tackled that challenge, you can’t expect that those around you will applaud with enthusiasm, or throw you a parade (although, you very well may deserve it). It may be aloofness, or outright mean-spiritedness, but you’re just not always going to get a pat on the back — and that’s okay. Because that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your own accomplishments.

If you’re always doing something for validation from others (at work, in your community, from your friends, or in your hobbies) you’re going to start overlooking the goals you set for yourself. In whatever it is you’re doing, praise yourself for the things you’ve done well.

Set goals, reach them, treat yourself to a piece of cake (or a cookie, or nice glass of wine, whatever you fancy) and set a new goal. I find that I am happiest when I’m working to better myself, and recognizing my accomplishments.


This may sound extreme, but it’s more of an exercise than a rule to live by. I read about this trick somewhere on the world wide web (if anyone else has seen/heard of this and knows the source, let me know), and it helped me reframe my mindset. I began recognizing how often I was thinking negatively, and it forced me to change how I looked at situations by finding the positives, or advantages in tough situations.

I keep a journal, and as I was flipping through this weekend I landed on my 2014 new years eve entry. At the top of my to-do in 2015 list: GET TO THE NETHERLANDS. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.

It was just the reminder I needed amidst all the doubts I’ve had circling my head as I struggle to find steady work. Who I was in January would be kicking my ass now if she could — telling me to just buckle down, and get it done. This journey goes back years, and now that I’m finally here — it’s time to hustle. Remind yourself what you’ve done to get here, why you wanted it so bad, and it will encourage you to keep going.

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