Postcards from February & March

The past few months have been stressful – but I’ve been able to stay (somewhat) sane with copious amounts of coffee, Spotify’s On-Fleek playlist, and photography.

Coffee keeps me moving, the hip-hop keeps my tempo up, and photography has been my excuse to get out of the flat. I normally spend a lot of time at cafes, but I’ve been in a serious crunch with my freelance work …  so, working in my yoga pants with greasy hair on the kitchen island has actually been a bit more conducive.

Anyways, when I do see the light of day, I am usually out and about town taking photos. I’d love to display all of them on Instagram – but I’d rather not spam you all, and I’ve gotta keep some sort of color-theme going!

So here it is: some of my favorite pictures from February and March that somehow or another didn’t make it up on my favorite social media platform. Looking back at all these gray and dark days makes me happy spring is finally here!






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