Chasing Cherry Blossoms

It’s been a long, dark, winter here in the Netherlands. Luckily it wasn’t all that cold, but those late sunrises and early sunsets sure take a toll.

Since mid-March the breeze has been warmer, and the grass a bit greener. First the crocuses popped up along the canals, then the daffodils sprouted beneath the trees. Soon the precious tulips will emerge from their bulbs; but until then we’re here enjoying the cherry blossoms.

These delicate pink and white flowers pop against the robins egg blue skies, and their fragrance even masks the overpowering smell of paella from the Spanish restaurant a block from my flat. Absolutely magical!

So, after a day of  running my camera battery dry searching for blossoms around Utrecht, Jan and I decided to take our excitement for spring to Amsterdam. We started out in Westerpark, then moved into the center. And as if that wasn’t enough, the next day we trekked to Kersenbloesempark which is wedged between Amstelveen and Amsterdam for the cherry blossom festival.

The smell of the flowers still lingers in my mind, and these pictures remind me of the warm sun slipping through the branches and landing on my face. You’d think after an entire weekend filled with these tiny flowers I’d be bored, but I find myself wanting more and wishing they’d stick around for longer.



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