Time for a fresh start

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my expat story, and inspiring others to move abroad and start a freelance career. Well, that never really happened because I was too preoccupied figuring out how to actually do it.  Has it seriously been a year already?

When I left on this journey I knew it was going to be difficult – but I never knew how hard, and how far I’d have to push myself to make this work. I almost left the Netherlands entirely 3-4 times because we were nearly broke. With Jeff in school, paying the bills was all on me – and I honestly had no idea what I was doing. We spent our savings and loans, and my freelance career was growing much slower than I expected. I spent the day applying for jobs, and the nights tossing and turning wondering if I’d have to go home and get any job to support us.

I bought a ticket to head home in March, ended up getting some work to pay the bills and pushed the ticket to April. Then April came and we could pay the bills again, then May, then I switched my ticket for the 4th time and decided to use the ticket to see my family in the states and work from there for a while. We moved here August 2015, and it took me until 8 months to make a real income.  (Of course – I have a post all about being a freelancer writer in the queue)

This is all part of the larger point here, I promise.

I honestly couldn’t bring myself to blog – no matter how much I wanted to. For one, I thought why write about how I don’t know what I am doing. I mean – things kept going from bad to worse. Secondly, I felt guilty. Every time wrote I thought about how I could be spending that time applying for jobs and pitching stories. So while I had all these ideas and intentions, I never went through with any of them – and that felt terrible.

I am finally at a point where I am not only making an income and seriously building my career – I am also involved in a lot of amazing creative projects that are enriching my life and challenging my creatively. I am busier than ever – but I no longer feel guilty about blogging. And just because I couldn’t bring myself to share my trials before, doesn’t mean I don’t want to now. A year later I can look back on everything more clearly, and I believe I have a lot to share from my mistakes – as well what I got right.

Hindsight is always the best sight, isn’t it?

So, thanks for sticking around. I hope to make this little corner of the web an inspiring, fun and beautiful space to share with you all. Let me know if it starts to suck again.

x Cate

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